Judge Suggests, But Apple And Epic Deny Agreement To End Dispute


Apple: The lawsuit that brought Epic Games and Apple face to face won new chapters on Wednesday (12). After weeks of discussion in court, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers suggested an agreement to end the dispute between the companies, which was denied by the two companies.

The fight between the giants started after Fortnite was banned from the App Store after the game developer offered microtransactions outside the Apple app store. Because of this, the owner of one of the most popular online games accuses Apple of promoting practices that violate market laws, such as monopoly.

Faced with this impasse, Rogers suggested that Apple inform users that they can buy items and equipment for games outside the app store, according to a Bloomberg report.

“What’s so bad about that, for consumers to have a choice?” Asked the judge to Richard Schmalensee, an economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Schmalensee testified in court on Wednesday as an Apple expert.

The expert said that by doing this, the owner of the iPhone could lose money. He argued that if the company gave consumers the option and indicated another location for them to make the purchase, the brand would certainly not receive the 30% commission it charges from app and game developers.

According to the company Sensor Tower, which conducts research in the mobile market, last year Apple raised about US $ 22 billion (R $ 116 billion according to the current quote) in commissions alone.

Agreement also denied by Epic

David Evans, an economist who testified on the Epic Games side, also denied the deal suggested by Judge Rogers.

“This would not eliminate the market power that Apple has, but it would certainly diminish it,” confessed Evans, who added that for cases of apps that do not have alternative payment systems, this “would not be a solution”.

The process between Epic and Apple will continue and should continue for a long time to come. The analyst Mark Gurman believes, however, that the Apple should win the fight.


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