Judge rules out aid for 200 immigrants defying Trump ban


Federal Huez Amit P. Mehta, based in Washington, DC, refused to protect nearly 200 immigrants from India who defy President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, which bars foreigners from moving to the United States with new visas. H-1B.

The president’s order will apply until December of this year, which also affects the J-1, H-B and L visas.

Despite the denial, Judge Mehta concluded that visa applicants are likely to convince the court that the Trump Administration should continue to process their visas, Law360 reported.

“Such an order would risk diverting limited resources from visa applicants who are eligible under an exception to the proclamation, and could create substantial confusion for visa recipients attempting to enter the country only to be denied at ports of entry. ”Wrote the magistrate.

The immigrants’ lawyers announced that they will appeal the ruling.

The report points to the decision of the same judge that ordered the Trump Administration to process the 55,000 “green cards” of the winners of the Diversity Visa program, better known as the “visa lottery”.

The order is for immigrants to continue with the process, since winning that immigration permit does not mean its granting, but the endorsement to receive the documents and approve the requirements.

The immigrants from India who are suing were “trapped” in their country after traveling prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but several of them have been studying and working in the US for more than five years.

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