Juan Carlos Osorio Visited Manchester City And Met Pep Guardiola


Juan Carlos Osorio does not waste his time in England, where he is performing another stage of his academic process to be accredited with the FA Pro Licencie Level 5 (UEFA Pro). Juan Carlos Osorio Visited Manchester City And Met Pep Guardiola.

The coach of Atlético Nacional visited the facilities of Manchester City on Thursday, directed by Pep Guardiola and current Premier League champion, as recorded by the official Green account on Twitter with photographs.

The ‘Mister’ Osorio posed with Guardiola, Mikel Arteta and Aitor Begiristain, in a surely very enriching experience for the knowledge of the multi-champion technician in Colombia. According to the coach, the intention of visiting the powerful team of Manchester was, among other aspects, “see the training scheme and see in three or four positions what is the idea of ​​the game and see how they work.”

Osorio left for European territory on October 11, after Purslane won 2-1 to Patriots in Tunja, where he shares the different activities of the course with Frank Lampard, Jody Morris, Kolo Touré, Brendan Rodgers and Anthony Barry.

The Risaraldense will return to the country during the weekend to take charge of Nacional again before Envigado, on the 19th of the championship. The Antioqueños are leaders of the tournament with 33 points, they are classified to the Foursquare semifinals and are preparing to face the América de Cali this Saturday at Pascual Guerrero.

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