Ju jutsu Kaisen: Spiritual Pokemon of the main cast


In 2022, two great anime franchises, Pokémon and Jujutsu Kaisen, have reached even greater heights thanks to the upcoming Pokémon Master’s Eight arc and the recently released Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

It may seem that these two franchises don’t have much in common, but an interesting and funny part of analyzing characters from any series is the eternal question: what kind of Pokemon spirit does this character have? The answer to this question will make fans think not only about the abilities of the character, but also about his personality and goals.

Itadori: Lucario

Itadori Yuji, the main character of the main series, is a carefree child with incredible physical abilities and a dark but noble goal: to lead everyone to a happy death.

Yuji would be perfect for Lucario, a Pokemon also known for its amazing physical abilities. Lucario’s access to several priority techniques mimics Itadori’s Black Flash, and they are both incredibly loyal and have a deep desire to help people. Lucario is also heavily inspired by Anubis, the god of death, a suitable Pokemon for a young man obsessed with giving people the perfect death.

Nobara: Banett

Nobara Kugisaki is the main character of the series and the owner of the straw doll technique: a cursed voodoo-inspired ability that connects part of something to the original source.

The Bannette ghost doll is perfect for the Nobara straw doll technique. Aside from the resemblance to Nobara’s cursed technique, Bunnett has the same frightening playfulness that Nobara exudes in battle. These two are perfect for each other, and Mega Bannette will suit Nobara especially well.

Megumi: Marshadow

Megumi Fushiguro creates cursed spirits using shadows. His Ten Shadows technique is so powerful that it interested Sukuna himself, the king of all curses.

Physically, Marshadow is the perfect embodiment of Megumi’s Ten Shadows technique. Marshadow and Megumi don’t necessarily have similar personalities, but they do have complementary traits. Marshadow is a physically attacking Ghost/Fighter, and Megumi is always looking for a training partner to help him succeed in hand—to-hand combat.

Panda: Pangoro

According to his famous line at the end of the first season: “The panda is not really a panda.” A sophomore sorcerer is a cursed corpse who was given life and made to look like a panda.

Although Panda may not be a panda, it has been shown that he loves and supports other pandas throughout the series, including when he yelled at Nobaru and company. for choosing cats and dogs instead of pandas in the scene after the credits. He would have a strong brotherly love for Pangoro, whose design also has some wonderful monkey elements that would remind Panda of his older brother.

Maki: Sirfetchd

Maki may not have been born with the ability to control cursed energy, but in return she was given an inhuman level of physical strength, making her one of the show’s most unique sorcerers.

Maki could be the perfect demon slayer because of her skills with a blade, and her most striking feature is her ability to handle cursed tools. So it goes without saying that the Pokemon she resonates with the most is a sparring partner. Sirfetch’d has the dedication and skills that Maki needs as a Pokemon companion, and it’s definitely the Pokemon that most resembles her spirit.

Toga: Explosion

The strongest sophomore (with the exception of Utah) at the beginning of the series, Toge Inumaki is a master of cursed speech: an ability that allows the user’s words to come true with potential unpleasant side effects.

Exploud is the Pokemon with the most obvious sound base in the game, and both have features that strongly emphasize their mouths. The noise that Inumaki makes can be as deadly as a bomb exploding from an explosion, and neither the sorcerer nor the Pokemon are characters that a fan would like to encounter at a rock concert.

Sukuna: Giratina

Many years ago, the King of Curses Riomen Sukuna terrorized the planet. Now a part of him resides in Itadori Yuji in the hope of eventually regaining his strength and body.

Although Giratina is not inherently evil, it is certainly a legendary Pokemon worthy of the King of Curses himself. The world of distortion and the domain of Sukuna are similar, both are dark kingdoms where their only ruler resides. Finally, the dark shadows that Giratina is associated with correspond to the Ten Shadows technique that Sukuna is obsessed with.

Mahito: Mutu

The main antagonist of the first season, Mahito, is one of the most confusing villains in anime. His technique, Idle Transfiguration, can deform the shape of someone’s soul and body at the whim of Mahito.

Mutu, perhaps the strongest monotypic Pokemon in terms of psychic types, was one of the central antagonists of early Pokemon.