JPMorgan Individual & Institutional Bitcoin


JPMorgan Chase announced that individual and institutional Bitcoin investors were balancing each other in the first quarter of 2021. While institutional investors stood out in the last quarter of 2020, almost equivalent capital flows are seen this year.

While individual investors can buy and sell Bitcoins through applications such as Square and PayPal; institutional investors can trade Bitcoin futures through CME Group. JPMorgan Chase measured the relationship between the individual and institutional investor based on the transactions made here.

Started to balance each other

How much money investors in different groups have put into the market can be calculated with purchases made on these platforms.

Institutional investors are putting more money into the market in dollar terms compared to the previous quarter. The deficit, created by the slowdown in the flow of Bitcoin funds, closed with 12.8% growth in CME Group transactions. The companies that added bitcoin to the company’s balance sheet put three times more money into the market compared to the previous quarter.

On the individual investor side; Bitcoin transactions mediated by Square have almost doubled in volume. The volume of itBit, considered de facto PayPal, has grown at a similar rate.

Institutions were at the forefront in the last quarter

Individual and institutional investors have balanced each other in this quarter in terms of the money they put into the market. In the last quarter of 2020, individual investors were left behind and institutional investors came to the fore.

Institutions were generating 58% more capital flows in dollar terms compared to individuals in the last quarter. According to JPMorgan’s report, the parties started to paint a “similar to the third quarter of 2020” as of this quarter.

According to JPMorgan’s review, individual investors who bought 205,000 Bitcoins last quarter received 187,000 Bitcoins this quarter. This number has increased from 307,000 to 173,000 for institutional investors.


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