JPMorgan: 10% Of Institutional Investors Invest In Cryptov


JPMorgan: 10% of institutional investors invest in crypto. In a survey of institutional investment companies by JPMorgan Chaze, 10% of these companies are actively trading cryptocurrencies. The survey this time is similar to the survey results announced at the beginning of March.

A survey of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) was conducted at a JPMorgan conference attended by approximately 3,000 investors from approximately 1,500 institutional companies.

  • 10% of institutional investment companies surveyed are actively trading cryptocurrencies.
  • 80% of companies that have not yet entered the cryptocurrency market stated that they do not have a plan to trade cryptocurrencies. This rate was 78% in the survey in March.
  • Although only 10% of institutional companies trade cryptocurrencies, when investors working in these companies were asked about their personal investments, it was learned that 40% of them were active in the cryptocurrency market.
  • 81% of investors expect cryptocurrencies to tighten.

One of the survey questions was about Warren Buffett’s Bitcoin statement. Buffett has described Bitcoin as “rat poison” in the past. According to the JPMorgan survey, one-third of investors said they “agree” with Buffett’s comment on Bitcoin.

While 16% of the respondents said that the cryptocurrency market is a “faith that comes and goes,” 42% expressed the opinion that the cryptocurrency market is “permanent”.


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