JP Morgan’s Blockchain Report: Bitcoin Price and Stablecoins


Multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase is one of the leading organizations in the field of classic banking, which researches and uses Blockchain technology. JPMorgan analysts published a report in 2019 where they comprehensively analyzed Blockchain and the most important events, processes and trends experienced by cryptocurrencies .

Despite all the fluctuations in prices, 2019 was a year when decentralized technologies were largely adopted, according to JPMorgan Chase analysts. The report states that “2019 will be remembered as a year when digital money rose”.

The report mentions that both successful (PAX, USDC) and failed (Libra, Petro) crypto initiatives affect traditional payment and money transfer companies. This statement is supported by global growth in all non-cash payments (e-payments, cards, mobile wallets) in Asia.

The importance of Stablecoins is increasing day by day
On the other hand, the report mentions that Blockchain-based systems are facing many difficulties in the way of mass adoption yet, and it is stated that institutions focus on stablecoins due to price volatility. It is also cited as another obstacle to investors’ inclusion of Bitcoin in their portfolios, the huge gap between Bitcoin’s market value and price and internal value.

Stabilcoins are largely on the agenda of the crypto community and regulators, both institutional and government-backed (CBDCs). The market is desperate to provide them with abundant use under current conditions. The report mentions that stablecoins are potentially cross-border transfers and wide acceptance in the banking industry. Many banking institutions around the world want to issue their stablecoins or use corporate money.

JPMorgan analysts show that one of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of krypton is the application of quantum calculations to distributed technologies. Concern has been expressed that quantum calculations can seriously weaken DLT security and cause increased hacks.


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