Joy shares her beauty and fashion secrets to look amazing


The Red Velvet member is the new face of Allure magazine, as well as being a K-pop idol, she is also a fashion and beauty icon.

Red Velvet’s Joy shares her best fashion and beauty tips with her fans, the idol starred in the new issue of Allure magazine and reveals the secrets of her style.

The K-pop group member fell in love with her fans a few days ago with a series of photos that she shared through her social media as part of her photoshoot and interview for the Korean publication. Joy opened her heart and revealed that modeling is a form of expression for her, in addition, she explained how she chooses her look every day.

Through Allure’s official channel , Red Velvet’s Joy held a question and answer session with fans, who questioned her about her secrets in fashion and beauty,Well, besides being one of the most popular idols, she is also an icon thanks to her dressing style.

During her interview, Joy confessed that before she was not comfortable with her physical appearance and developed a complex, because she believed that in addition to talent, people notice beauty, but she changed her way of thinking and believes that no one should fit in with stereotypes . How do you stay beautiful and achieve the best looks?


The Red Velvet idol was questioned about her way of dressing, her shopping process, her makeup tips, and hair and skincare . The singer shared that the first thing she does before updating her closet is trying on all possible outfits and then deciding what to buy.

She also clarified that lately he buys her clothes in online stores. About the garment that occupies her wardrobe the most, he said that they are jeans, he has different types of pants. Joy has a system that has worked for her in fashion, to coordinate her looks she tries to match the accessories or clothes she already has.

The styleIt has also become a type of therapy for her, as she assures that she organizes her outfits by colors, as it causes her anxiety to see them disordered, this idea has been transferred to her way of dressing, as she explains that sometimes her outfits represent her thoughts and emotions she even keeps the clothes he wore during her time as a trainee.

About her beauty tips, Joy revealed that she uses makeup according to the season, for the winter she usually uses products that help protect you from the cold, because the skin tends to dry out and the secret for her hair is to use Aveda brand treatments , they help keep you healthy. In the end, the idol confessed that her references are figures like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.

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