Journalism Projects That Google Will Invest $ 1.93 Million Announced


US-based search giant Google continues to support digitization. The company announced the boilers among the projects that applied to the initiative it organized in June of last year. 1.93 million dollar fund companies will benefit from the support that exists among the company from Turkey.

With the spread of internet access, digitalization has begun in many areas. One of the digital fields is the journalism field and, like many different disciplines, Google has an initiative in this field: the Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge.

Google, in June last year in this area Middle East, Turkey and Africa Challenge and Innovation has issued 527 applications from 35 countries had gathered. The software giant, in its blog post, announced that these projects have been closely examined, negotiations have been held, and that with the jury’s decision, 21 projects selected from 13 countries will receive funding of $ 1.93 million.

Projects with funding support:
The search giant said they pay attention to four criteria when choosing winning projects. Google explained these criteria as impact, applicability, innovation and brilliant idea. Projects that will receive funding support have been able to meet all four of these criteria.

Demirören Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi: The project offered by Demirören Teknoloji A.Ş. to Google focuses on solving the labeling process for Turkish. With this project, the discovery distribution process will be helped.

Israel Hayom: As a daily news publisher, Israel Hayom will create a loyalty program where online users receive rewards in real life.

L’Orient le Jour: This Lebanese-based company will offer a loyalty plan to its subscribers, through its interactive platform, to offer personalized and exclusive privileges.

The National: With the project, which will be released from the United Arab Emirates, text news will be translated into audio in both English and Arabic in real time.


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