Joss Whedon threatened to damage Gal Gadot’s career


In June 2020 the actor, Ray Fisher, used his personal twitter to accuse director Joss Whedon’s conduct as “rude, abusive, unprofessional and completely unacceptable”. Since then, many have wondered what happened on the Justice League set.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher and other sources describe some of Whedon’s attitudes.

Gal Gadot

Apparently, Fisher was not the only one who had problems with the director. Sources, heard in the story, said that Gadot was concerned about the way his character was being treated. According to the actress, the heroine in Justice League was much more aggressive than in Wonder Woman and she would like the character to follow the same path from one film to another.

When the actress felt uncomfortable recording tapes she didn’t like, Whedon would have threatened to jeopardize Gadot’s career. At some point, the director would also have told the actress to shut up and act on her lines, as he could make her incredibly stupid in the film.

Fisher declined to comment specifically on the situation of the casting partner. Gal Gadot says he had problems with Whedon, but Warner handled the situation at the time.

Ray Fisher

For Ray Fisher, playing the first black superhero in the DC films was an incredible career opportunity and a huge responsibility. From the first moment, the actor was aware that the film was supervised by mostly white executives.

Fisher says that the production he started was not the one that ended. According to the actor, he and Zack Snyder (the first director of the feature) always considered that the Cyborg story was the heart of the film. Screenwriter Chris Terrio said the perspective of a black actor was very important and that Snyder took that responsibility very seriously.

When Joss Whedon took over as director of the Justice League, Fisher says he needed to explain to the director some basic points that would be offensive to the black community. In addition, much of the Cyborg bow has been removed from the final cut.

After many disagreements with the director, Fisher’s agent even called one of Warner’s bosses and expressed his concern about what was happening on the set. The actor was asked to come to the DC office and at the time, Whedon stated that they were friends and that he did not want Fisher to have his reputation tarnished in the business.

Ray Fisher thinks the phrase sounded like a threat. The director’s representatives claim that this was not the case.


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