Josh Gad discusses the unimaginable loss in his family, but thanks fans for their support and kindness after the news


Josh Gad has become a beloved figure in Hollywood, mainly because of his cheerful nature and excellent acting, including his emotional and warm work as Olaf from “Cold Heart”. What many probably also appreciate about the star is his openness when it comes to his professional decisions and personal life, even in difficult times. Unfortunately, this situation was repeated, because Gad told on social networks that he and his family had experienced an immeasurable loss. But against the background of the tragedy, the actor also thanks fans for their support.

A few days ago, the Beauty and the Beast graduate took to his Twitter account to comment on the recent news about Roe v. Wade, and in a tweet he mentioned that he and his family were facing an “unimaginable” loss. On Sunday, the actor returned to the platform and confirmed that his nephew had died at the age of 20. Although the sudden loss seems heavy to him, it seems that he draws strength from the huge number of good wishes he received. Check out the post below:

Today, as my family and I face unimaginable loss, I am also trying to balance it with the grief caused by today’s events. Sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold on to, or a partner to fight together. For every woman in fear today, I will be all of the above. June 24, 2022

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To be honest, I can’t even imagine myself in Josh Gad’s place right now. Losing a loved one is usually always hard, but, of course, it is even harder because the person who passed away was so young. It’s nice to know that Gad and his family have so many people at the moment, and it’s likely that additional words of support from fans will come in the near future.

Josh Gad’s sentimentality is very refreshing, and it has been demonstrated more than once over the past few years. In many cases, he took the time to pay tribute to others who had passed away and expressed his condolences to their loved ones. This is exactly what happened when his friend and colleague in the film “Marshall” Chadwick Bozeman died in August 2020. Gad honored Bozeman with several tributes on social media, but one of the cutest ways he paid tribute was with a video of them singing on set. together with his co-star Sterling K. Brown.

This cute character also prompted him to do something fun for fans during the very stressful isolation from COVID-19 in 2020. Some may remember that he organized several cute reunions with the actors of cult films. In a series of special releases on YouTube, the actors of the Stooges, the stars of the movie “Back to the Future” and the team from “Ghostbusters” were presented.

Currently, Josh Gad is likely to give up his job to be near his loved ones during their loss. Hopefully, he will have enough time to think about the situation before returning to work.

We here at CinemaBlend express our deepest condolences to Josh Gad and his loved ones at this time.