Josh Dugar’s troubles aren’t over yet, as the jailed former reality TV star is being billed thousands of dollars after a child pornography trial


Josh Duggar was initially arrested on charges of possession and receipt of child pornography in April 2021. There was a long way to go to bring his case to trial, and at the end of last year, Duggar was found guilty on both counts, although 19 Kids and the Counting Star was convicted on only one count. Now new information shows that the state has billed him for a thousand dollars as restitution.

A new report indicates that Josh Duggar was ordered to pay a lump sum of $50,100 as part of his conviction. This number is not new and was part of Duggar’s sentence back in May of this year. However, what’s new is the lien that has been imposed on the money Josh Duggar owes, according to a new report by The Sun.

If Duggar is unable to pay — and reports indicate that Anna even sold her “dream house” without repairs, and, as reported, she and the children lived in Jim Bob and Michelle’s property instead of other options — severe fines are provided for non-payment. . When the money was originally listed as restitution owed by Josh Duggar, the report noted:

Any unpaid financial penalty must be paid by the defendant during the term of his imprisonment in the amount of up to 50% of the funds available to the defendant in accordance with the Prisoners’ Financial Responsibility Program.

The Prisoner Financial Responsibility Program, developed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, was created so that prisoners could pay compensation by court order, even while in custody. You can read about it, but prisoners can use the program to pay various debts, including fines, court costs and special charges imposed by the court, like this Duggar account, as well as things like alimony. In many cases, the money comes from “prisoners’ trust fund accounts and income from prison assignments.”

In Duggar’s case, before sentencing, the TV host faced a fine of up to $250,000, so like his actual prison sentence, he didn’t get the maximum number here. Previous reports have indicated that jobs in Sigoville include

There have been several updates since Josh Duggar entered the Federal Prison System in Seagoville. More recently, we learned that the sentence of the former reality TV star has reportedly changed. Initially, it was assumed that he would stay in Seagoville for 151 months, but the date of Duggar’s release was set for August 12, 2032. This means that it will be missing in about 10 years instead of about 12.5. His probation period is expected to last another 20 years.