Joseph Morgan’s object in the series for years


The actor who played Klaus Mikaelson on the series The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off, The Original, Joseph Morgan, confesses to feeling nostalgic showing something that he kept for years.

Actor Joseph Morgan, showed the props that I use in The Originals, and that I keep from the episodes that the actor most enjoyed.

The actor showed some gold coins, which were from the first installments of the program, remembering the affection he feels for him, Morgan said the following in the interview.

“This is from The Originals series, episode 8 of the first season, one of my favorite episodes in which I am surrounded by a group of vampires.”

The actor loves Klaus’s coin remembering exactly the episode of The Originals, in addition to that Morgan also commented that he is not interested in reprising his role for the Legacies spin-off.

��It is not for lack of good memories of the days in the plots of The CW, but I don’t know if I will return, who knows maybe if maybe not ”.

Legacies focuses on Klaus ‘daughter Hope, it was recently revealed that Klaus’ sister’s son Freya named their son Nik after Klaus. Hopefully it is possible to see the actor with the character of Klaus, in the Legacies series.

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