Joseph Morgan, and Klaus da series The Originals


Launched in 2013, The Originals series is a spin-off derived from the great success, between the years 2009 and 2017, which was The Vampire Diaries, which even today holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. Such repercussions and affection are not for less, since the fantasy of the world of vampires and werewolves comes with a good dose of drama and even terror.

The Originals comes from a promise between the three Klaus brothers, Elijah and Rebekah. Failure to fulfill this promise breaks the family bond between them and the brothers carry a curse, followed by countless tragic facts to which the characters are exposed.

Despite the great and positive repercussions of the series, The Originals came to an end in the year 2018. Its place was given to the second television program coming from The Vampire Diaries, the series Legacies.

Since then, one of the questions that hung in the air was: #PorOndeAnda actor Joseph Morgan? Is there any chance that your character will return in Legacies? Let’s find out!

Joseph Morgan says goodbye to the iconic Klaus

With the end of The Originals, Joseph Morgan, who played the hybrid Klaus, gave way to new experiences in the professional field. Grateful for the time he gave life to the character and with some work in mind, the actor posted on his Twitter account that Klaus is still alive in his memory, after being asked by a fan how difficult it was to say goodbye to a character he played for years.

Although Klaus is regularly remembered and quoted in the most recent spin-off, Legacies, Morgan admits that he would not appear in the series again. In an interview conducted by TV Guide, the actor tells that he has the box with the five DVD sets of The Originals, “a complete story from the beginning to the end of this guy, Klaus Michaelson”. Which suggests that the cycle has ended for good.

He still states that he “wants to return as a ghost or flashback”, however, Morgan concludes that, for him, “that journey is over”. He added: “it’s the complete story and it just doesn’t seem right to do that.”


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