Joseon Exorcist, the new Korean historical


Very soon the South Korean series ‘Joseon Exorcist’ will hit the screens, a story that combines the historical, mystery and romance genres, the cast is led by Park Sung Hoon, Jang Dong Yoon and Kam Woo Sung.

One of the genres of K-dramas most loved by international audiences is historical, as it allows them to learn a little more about the background of South Korea, a country with a vast culture.

‘Joseon Exorcist’ will come to meet the expectations of lovers of drama, the plot will combine history, romance, fantasy, horror with a touch of comedy. An interesting mix.

The production will be carried out by director Shin Kyung Soo, famous for his work on ‘Roots of the Throne’, ‘3 Days’, ‘I Like You’ and ‘Tree with Deep Roots’, while the scriptwriter will be Park Kye Okay.


‘Joseon Exorcist’ is set in the Joseon dynasty and will follow the adventures of several dead who are brought back to life to take revenge. Actor Kam Woo Sung will play the role of King Taejong, a cold person who seeks to preserve his status at all costs.

In an interview, Kam Woo Sung said that he was excited about the new project that brings together an extraordinary staff, adding that he will work very hard to convey each of his character traits to viewers.

Jang Dong Yoon will play Prince Chungnyeong, a young man who has prepared himself with various war techniques to face the spirits that will plague the royal house, what he doesn’t know is that he will have to take on the responsibilities of a true warrior.

Park Sung Hoon will develop the character of Prince Yangnyeong, the first son of the king, he has on his back the weight of being the first in the line of succession of the tone, although his father does not trust his talents much to be a ruler.


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