Josef Fares says next game will be better than It Takes Two


Josef Fares: In an interview with Push Square, Josef Fares, CEO of Hazelight Studios, said he was not surprised by the success that It Takes Two has made in just a few days of release, and has already said that the next game will be more incredible than him, leaving all delighted fans.

Launched at the end of March for PC and consoles, It Takes Two proved to be a total success among the public, reaching the top of the bestseller list on the platforms several times. However, according to the game’s creator, this positive repercussion comes as no surprise to the developer, since his team has been working all the time to produce something “extremely big”.

“I never doubted that the game is great. However, when the reviews came out and people started playing, everyone suddenly started to accept that it was a great game. And it made me extremely happy. To be honest, I’m not that surprised. , because I always believe strongly in what we do. If you ask me about our next game, I can tell you now that it will be even better than It Takes Two. It will be crazy, “said Fares.

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