Jose Alvarado Reveals His Next Target for “Grand Theft Alvarado”

New Orleans Pelicans rookie Jose Alvarado burst onto the NBA scene as a messy and often annoying quarterback of opposing quarterbacks-especially in the postseason.
The former ACC defensive player of the Year made a name for himself in the 2021-2022 playoffs by playing defense against Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul. Much to Paul’s annoyance, Alvarado was sneaking up to the back line and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike from behind.
At the same time, the former guard of the Georgia Institute of Technology received an apt nickname: “The Great Theft of Alvarado.”
During a recent interview with Oleg Kosel from SB Nation, Alvarado named his next victim.
Kyrie Irving.
Alvarado is clearly trying to prove that he has everything he needs to protect the best in his business. After defeating a veteran like Chris Paul, taking on one of the best ballplayers in the league is the perfect next challenge.
Alvarado is moving into his second year, having scored 6.1 points, 2.8 assists and 1.3 steals per game last season.