Jorge Mendes is no longer the most powerful man in football


Jorge Mendes has been considered the most powerful man in the world of football for more than a decade. There was no signing, assignment or operation in which the Portuguese did not appear.

Famous was his participation with the Portuguese Real Madrid clan (Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Coentrao), his hand in Atlético de Madrid (Falcao, Joao Félix or Diego Costa among others) and of course his implicit relationship in the accruals of Valencia whose Owner is a close friend of the Portuguese representative.

But the truth is that he has seen how Barnett, whose name we have learned based on good after the tug of war of Real Madrid and Gareth Bale last summer, climbed to the first place according to the Forbes list.

Barnett, owner of Stellar Group and important person in which the cricket was taken to South Africa with the desire of Nelson Mandela after Apartheid, intervened in contract worth 1,165 million euros, obtaining more than 100 million in commissions. In his wallet, in addition to Bale for which he can hit another next shot, are the Saul, Hart or Shaw among others.

But he is not only the agent that moves more money in commissions in football, but also in the world of sports. It is true that in the sport king the commissions are more juicy (they reach up to 10%) while in other sports of lucrative markets such as the NBA, the NHL or the NFL the commission rates remain between 3% and 5 %.

In this way Mendes whose company Gestifute ‘only’ reached 1,076 million euros in contract with commissions that ‘barely’ exceeded 100 kilos, is displaced to third place in this peculiar ranking where Scott Boras (baseball) occupies the second place.

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