Jordyn Woods: his secret tattoo concerns his ex BFF Kylie Jenner?


Is there a close connection between Jordyn Woods’ secret tattoo and his former best friend Kylie Jenner? Internet users wonder.

It’s a friendship that has caused a lot of ink to flow in the United States! And for good reason ! The friendship between Jordyn Woods and his best friend Kylie Jenner is forever broken!

Remember! Their relationship was already in jeopardy in February 2019. Rumors were then circulating about a possible relationship between Jordyn Woods and Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend.

However, it turned out that the young woman kissed Tristan Thompson well. Too much ! It was too much for Khloe who decided to break up with her daughter’s father.

But this event was also a huge betrayal for Stormi’s mom! The latter therefore decided to cut ties with its BFF.

The punishment was therefore fatal! Jordyn Woods was left alone while Kylie Jenner then found other BFFs.

But the pretty brunette is not ready to turn the page with Kylie. Internet users have even noticed that she launched several signs of nostalgia for their old friendship.

And justly ! Imagine that a few days ago, the young woman of 21 years old shared a funny clue on social networks!

So she displayed her secret tattoo on the side of her forearm. A very special tattoo! Since it is then impossible to decipher.

According to our colleagues at US Weekly, the words are therefore written in Arabic. It is even a phrase taken from a Muslim writer named Al-Shafi’i.

Jordyn Woods therefore gave an explanation: “I will never miss what it means to me.”

Very interesting … Especially when you know that this tattoo was done six months after his deception with Thompson! For Kylie fans, there is no doubt! So this is a targeted message … And very provocative!