Jordyn Woods: she reveals a funny outfit for containment!


On Instagram, Jordyn Woods publishes a new photo to show her fans her confinement outfit. But opinions are very mixed on its look!

Since the start of confinement, several debates have fueled the Web. Indeed, Internet users wonder if they still have to prepare, dress, or even make up.

So there are two case studies! There are those who prefer to stay in pajamas all day. Besides, this is the case of Jessica Thivenin. Maylone’s mom doesn’t understand why she should get ready.

At least, not every day! But other people still prefer to wear makeup and wear very chic looks like Sarah Lopez. Thus, it allows him to keep morale!

But some stars prefer to cut the pear in half. Just like Jordyn Woods! In fact, Kylie Jenner’s former best friend dresses up despite the confinement!

Yes, that’s no reason to let go. But Jordyn Woods doesn’t want to wear a very sophisticated outfit! She reveals her ouftit to her fans on Instagram.


Jordyn Woods releases a new snapshot of her. The young woman is sitting on the carpet in her living room, leaning on her sofa. And she wears a rather special outfit!

The photo model chooses a jogging suit. But a detail strikes internet users! In fact, her outfit wears three colors: dark green, light green and beige. Colors that make them think of… Covid-19.

Besides, some people accompany their comment with the emoji “🦠” to talk about her outfit! Anyway, Jordyn Woods seems to be very comfortable in her ouftit.

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And too bad for the colors! Thus, she comments on her publication: “In my living room, I will be honest with you 💚 I already wore sweatshirts every day before my forties, little has changed today. “


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