Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s ex BFF uses the Squeezie filter


Jordyn Woods created astonishment on Instagram. Indeed, Kylie Jenner’s former friend fell for the filter that Squeezie invented!

Jordyn Woods has astounded Instagram and Twitter . And this time it has nothing to do with the Kardashian family. Indeed, the young woman was talked about other than by a boy story! She used the filter of the French youtubeur Squeezie on her insta account.

Like every internet user Jordyn Woods has also succumbed to the fashion of Insta filters. They are more and more creative and ingenious. In addition, everyone can create their own effect. What pushes everyone redoubles their inventiveness. And some effects are very successful.

And that even across the Atlantic. An effects designer Ramen Polanski, who is a graphic designer, knows a real craze. Its filters have been around the world . Even models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid use them. And they never tire of it.

Thus, Jordyn Woods is no exception office. And like her friends and fans, she too has fun with filters. But the beautiful posed with a filter that surprised many French people . Especially lovers of youtube videos. And they did not fail to make it known.

Thus, Jordyn Woods posed with the famous filter Squeezie. The latter represents the youtuber giving a hug to the person using the filter. A surfer then tweeted: “ptdr therefore Jordyn Woods she used the Squeezie filter” . Indeed, there is something to be surprised!

The American and French star have nothing in common. But we are sure that this big publicity stunt across the Atlantic will please Squeezie. It is a very nice birthday present for the youtuber. Indeed, the latter celebrated her 24th birthday on January 27th and surely should not have expected that!

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