Jordan Rogers’ Brother Luke Rogers Welcomes First Child with Wife Amy and Names Son After Him Amid Aaron Rogers Feud


Aimee and Luke Rogers. Courtesy of Aimee Rogers

Baby Rogers is here! Aaron Rodgers’ older brother, Luke Rogers, and his wife Aimee Rogers have welcomed their first child, and his name is a tribute to their younger brother Jordan Rogers.

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“My whole heart. Welcome to the world of Jack Jordan Rogers. You are loved and appreciated immensely,” 40-year-old Luke said on Instagram on Monday, June 20, three days after the birth of his son.

A resident of Nashville, Tennessee, explained the reason for the nickname of his firstborn, writing: “Jack, we choose your name because it means that God is merciful. Your middle name is for @jrodgers11, and we can only pray that you will grow up to be as generous, kind, loyal (and tanned) and an amazing person with character like your Uncle Jordan.”

Luke, who tied the knot in April 2019, shared photos of his son’s arrival, revealing it had been a “long journey full of heartache and loss” to raise their family.

“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and strong @aimrodgers is, and seeing her become a mother is one of the greatest privileges of my life. Jack came in early and through an emergency C—section, and my wife was an incredible champion at bringing him into the world,” he added. “8 pounds and 11 ounces is my son’s bully. Mom and Dad love you more than you ever knew, Jack. You are the greatest blessing.”

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Aimee, for her part, admired the 33-year-old bachelorette graduate, sharing even more photos of baby Jack.

“Our greatest blessing has come,” she wrote on social media on Monday. “Luke chose his name 3 years ago, Jack means “God is merciful,” and Jordan is in honor of one of the best people we know @jrodgers11—Jack will adore you, Uncle Jordan.” None of the new parents mentioned 38-year-old Aaron and his role as the first uncle.

Jordan, who is in Europe on his honeymoon and Jojo Fletcher, shared his happiness at becoming an uncle by responding to his older brother’s post. “My little dude JJ!!! I already love him and I love you and Aimee very much!” the sports TV presenter wrote. “So happy for you all and damn glad to be an uncle.”

Choosing a name for Luke’s son is the most recent example of the strong bond between him and Jordan — and a subtle reminder that the brothers have a strained relationship with Aaron.

When Jordan appeared on The Bachelorette series in 2016, his family’s ongoing drama with the Green Bay Packers quarterback came to light.

“It hurts both of us not to have this relationship [with Aaron]— we miss our brother,” Luke said during a date in his hometown in 2016, when Aaron was noticeably absent from the visit. “I believe that God will come full circle and everything will return to us being a family.”

The former co-host of Big D, for his part, explained: “Aaron and I don’t really have that many relationships. He just chose this lifestyle, and I preferred to stay close to my family, parents and brother.”

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Tension between the Rogers boys has persisted ever since, as the NFL player missed Jordan and Fletcher’s May wedding despite being on the guest list. (Luke was Jordan’s best man after the Vanderbilt University graduate had previously stood next to Luke at his wedding three years ago.)

“It’s a sad situation for the family, and especially for Jordan, who really loves his brother,” a source told Us Weekly at the time, noting that “there is still a family split” that still hasn’t “reconciled.” “Aaron missed his big day, and that’s something Jordan will never forget. Jordan invited his whole family, including Aaron, even knowing that he probably won’t come, since they have been away for a long time.”