Jordan Pickford Sent a Gaming Rig to Qatar to Play Fortnite


England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has sent his playing equipment to Qatar so he can play Fortnite during the World Cup.

The tournament, held in the capital Doha and its environs, has been held since the end of November, and in it England won three of the four games — the last elimination match against Senegal. On Saturday (December 10) they will play a quarterfinal match against France.

To help him relax between games, Pickford made sure that all his game settings were with him in Qatar, as revealed in an interview with the team’s media.

During a video interview, he is shown an excerpt in which Pickford rolls his impressive setup into the England camp before the goalkeeper explains further.

“I’m not kidding,— he said. “We have a computer installed at home, and when I leave, I always had a laptop, but every time it tired me. I have a guy who built a screen that I use at home for a high-quality laptop that can be connected together.”

Pickford then joked: “I’m just trying to get the best shots, to take over.”

Watch the conversation below from the eight-minute mark.

Elsewhere in the Fortnite universe this week, the game has opened a new universe with the launch of the fourth chapter.

The third map of the game was brought to a surprisingly early conclusion after the conclusion of its last season, culminating in the final Fracture event over the weekend. The island was swallowed up by the invading Chrome in a short cut scene before the start of an extended 30-minute event mode in which players had to reforge the island using a mix of old and new locations.

Now the game has announced many guest characters for its battle pass. Currently, the only one currently available to play is Doom Slayer from Bethesda’s Doom games, who was rumored to have been invited as a guest character in Fortnite as recently as a year ago. It can be unlocked at the 26th level of the combat pass.


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