Jordan Peterson Turns into a Video Game Villain After Elliot Page Comments


Pride Month was a great time to reflect on the issues that currently affect millions of LGBTQ+ people, especially in connection with discrimination against queer people in addition to banning abortion and the emergence of the anti-transgender movement gaining momentum last year. Nevertheless, Pride Month was also a great occasion for LGBTQ+ icons like Elliot Page to talk about diversity and inclusivity, which Page did to some extent, telling about his journey of self-discovery. Although he was never mentioned by Page, clinical psychologist and YouTube user Jordan Peterson shared a tweet in late June that sparked controversy online.

Peterson deliberately called Page a dead name and changed his gender, calling the medical professional who performed the gender confirmation surgery that Page underwent a “criminologist.” In response, Twitter warned Peterson that he should delete his tweet because it violates the terms of service, which Peterson refused to do under the pretext that it was true and that he would rather die on this hill. Peterson was then blocked on Twitter, and then shared a video on the topic, in which he called on the “awakened moralists” who banned him. However, the video had unpleasant consequences, and now Peterson is being turned into a villain from a video game.

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In one of these videos, Peterson’s video was turned into a propaganda broadcast of Wallace Brin from Half-Life 2, becoming the face of Breencast at the train station. Wallace Breen was the former leader of the Half-Life Black Mesa facility during the first game, and then returned as a villain in Half-Life 2. In this case, Peterson’s speech seems to fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the game.

Similarly, another short clip appeared with the same excerpt from Peterson’s video that appears in the Command and Conquer: Red Alert scenario, where the commander encourages players to mock them after their success. The excerpt was also turned into a cut scene, reminiscent of those in “Control”, where characters such as the Director talk about the events related to the investigation of Hiss and Jesse.

Even a few days later, Peterson continues to appear in the image of a villain from video games, and more and more people edit his speech into clips where real villains from games would speak. One appearance is accompanied by a clip of Crash Bandicoot, where the cult villain Dr. Neo Cortex was replaced by Peterson, and another where Peterson calls Ryden from Metal Gear Solid 2 to once again warn moralists about the consequences of the cancellation culture.