Jordan Is Excited To Open Medical Clinics For The Poor That He Finances


Former superstar Michael Jordan could not contain the excitement when he opened the first of two medical clinics that he and his family funded in Thursday to provide basic health care to Charlotte. disadvantaged members of the community.

The six-time NBA champion and majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets was present at the grand opening of the Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic at Novant Health, which cost seven million dollars.

Tears ran down Jordan’s cheeks when he said that “it is very emotional for me to be able to give back to a community that has supported me over the years.”

While through the Hornets Twitter account, Jordan also on Thursday advanced his commitment to continue helping the community.

“I can only do this in thanks … I can never pay what you have really given me, but this is a beginning.”

For its part, the Novant Healt Clinic through its Twitter announced its official opening with the message of The Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic of Novant Health is open for business! Address 3149 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC 28202 “.

The clinic, which is located in the urban area where a part of the community with low income resides, will provide medical access to primary and preventive care, including those who do not have medical insurance or that they own is not sufficient to meet their health needs. Health.

Jordan promised to do more, saying, “This is just the beginning of a battle to be able to touch as many people as we can.”

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