Jooheon is back with Monsta X


Jooheon is back with Monsta X. The idol focused on his recovery before returning.

Monbeb and continues to receive good news about Monsta X . On this occasion, they welcomed Jooheon, who had been away for some time due to health problems.

A couple of months ago, Starship released a statement to report that the idol was diagnosed with anxiety issues, so the decision was made to absent himself from group activities to undergo therapy and bring treatment for his recovery.

It’s back! Through his social networks, Monsta X surprised Monbebe with a new video on his VLive channel. The boys decided to react to one of the episodes of their reality show TWOTUCKBEBE , but to the happiness of all the Monbebe, Joohoney was back.

The idol looked very healthy and happy, his appearance moved the fandom, because they are happy and proud to see him recovered and next to his companions, their hopes of seeing the 7 together continue to increase.

Joohoney had a very exhaustive schedule a long time ago, so her anxiety problems increased, she even admitted feeling mentally weak and was taking medications, but fortunately, she managed to recover in a short time.


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