Jónsi Has Published A Teaser For His New Album To Be Released After Ten Years


Jónsi, the voice of Iceland’s pearl rock band Sigur Rós, announced that it will release a new solo album last week. Finally, Jónsi, who wanted to bring a brother to an album called Go, published about a decade ago, shared a 20-second teaser from his still unknown album.


Explaining that the album will be released later this month, Jónsi shared a video announcing that he will release the song exhale, which we learned from the Instagram account, will be the first single of the album on April 23. A.G., one of the young talents of the electronic music world and also the founder of the PC Music label. Recorded under the production of Cook, the song will be in ambient and experimental sounds as we understand from the 20-second part.

Let’s continue to count days for the anonymous album, which will be the first solo album that belongs only to Jónsi after the Go album released in 2010, let’s take a look at Go and retire.


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