What a tremble Mariah Carey! This year it has been very good competition. The Jonas Brothers have released their own Christmas carol, Like It’s Christmas, and we have to admit that we like it very much. With a retro sound, reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and a fun lyrics, this theme of the American brothers will sound at more than one family dinner this season.

It is true that we are still on November 8, but many and many are already thinking about Christmas. And it is that as soon as Halloween ends, people are already starting to get their Christmas spirit out!

In this way, Sucker musicians have made their own bet for these parties. With a letter, where love is present again, the most famous brothers in the pop industry have phrases like: “I can’t deny I’m feeling inside. Nothing fake abour the way you bring me to life. You make every day feel like It’s Christmas. Every day that I’m with you. ” We can not like the lyrics for parties that are about to come.

After the launch, the boys have published in their social networks that they hope we like Like It’s Christmas very much and that we don’t forget to “put it on our party playlist”. We have already put it next to Raphael’s Drummer, because we really like a classic.

Like It’s a Christmas is not the only carol that the brothers have sung. Not much less! The Jonas Brothers really like Christmas and in 2007 and 2008 they launched two Christmas carols, Girl of my dreams and Joy of Life. It has taken eleven years for the Christmas spirit to take over them again and dare with a new song. Without a doubt, we loved it.

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