Jonah Hill Talks about His Anxiety and Explains Why He Won’t Promote His Films Anymore

This fall, Jonah Hill will release his second directorial work after the 2018 documentary “Mid-90s” about himself and his therapist named Stutz, which tells about Hill’s own journey in dealing with his mental health, in particular, the struggle with anxiety. Although the Moneyball star says he is looking forward to sharing the film with the world and hopes it will help other people facing similar problems, Hill himself will not be promoting this film or any others in the foreseeable future.
In an open letter written by Jonah Hill and published by Rolling Stone magazine, Hill says that media appearances and other public events increase his anxiety, and therefore, trying to help himself, Hill will not do it. any media promoting Stutz Hill explain…
Thanks to this journey of self-discovery in the film, I came to realize that I had spent almost 20 years experiencing anxiety attacks, which are aggravated by media appearances and public events… promoting it, I would not act true to myself or the film.
Hill says he won’t be promoting this or any of his upcoming films. That probably includes the upcoming Netflix movie “You People,” in which Hill co-wrote the screenplay and in which he also stars. Hill is also expected to appear in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film about the Grateful Dead. Although he is not going to say that he has done away with regular media events, he plans to take a break for a long time. Perhaps in the future he will feel that he is ready to repeat them again, but most likely it will not happen soon.
Of course, after Jonah Hill made a documentary about his anxiety, he understood it better and what he needs to do to stay healthy. Hill says he hopes the film will help people talk more openly about mental health, and the open letter, which Hill says makes him cringe when others do, serves pretty much the same purpose. While Hill admits he is in a privileged position to leave, perhaps his desire to do so will inspire others who need to take similar steps.
Given that Stutz is a film about John Hill, his absence from promoting the film will be keenly felt, but Hill ends the letter by thanking those who worked with him and says he hopes the film will eventually succeed. saying he won’t do…
I hope that the work will speak for itself, and I am grateful to my employees, my business partners and everyone who reads this for your understanding and support.
Jonah Hill has given a lot of interviews in the past and was willing to talk about everything from Jump Street sequels to his thoughts on Baby Yoda, but of course everything seems different when you realize that it causes him concern. We may see John Hill less often when it comes to promoting movies, but fans will almost certainly be happy with such a deal if it means the star can get better. We still have a lot of great John Hill movies, and it doesn’t seem like he’s planning on taking the time to shoot any more of them.


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