Jon Snow’s “Game of Thrones” Show is bad news for the future of the “Black Knight” in the MCU


Reports of Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones spin-off are good for Kit Harington, but it’s bad news for the future of the Black Knight in the Marvel cinematic universe. Harington has become famous in Hollywood over the past decade thanks to his role in the popular HBO series. When his time as Jon Snow came to an end, it didn’t take long for the Game of Thrones actor to find a new lead role. He teamed up with Marvel Studios for “The Eternals” to play Dane Whitman, the Marvel hero known as the Black Knight.

The announcement of Kit Harington’s participation in “The Eternals” as Dane Whitman caused a lot of excitement, but eventually he had a small role in the film. The potential disappointment over Harington’s MCU debut was balanced by the exciting teasing of his future. The scene after the credits of “Eternal” showed how he receives an Ebony blade and is about to undergo a bloody weapon curse. That was when Mahershala Ali’s Blade voice interrupted the scene, teasing that the Black Knight might be involved in the upcoming Blade movie to really kick off an exciting future in the MCU.

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Despite all the promises of the future of the “Black Knight” in the MCU, it will be much more difficult to implement it if HBO continues to work on the sequel to Jon Snow’s “Game of Thrones”. Not only will Harington headline the epic big-budget show, they say he is also actively involved in the creative process. This indicates how busy he will be with this new Jon Snow show. The requirements for filming the original series “Game of Thrones” already meant that he had almost no time for other projects. The proposed Jon Snow sequel series will need Kit Harington even more, which will create difficulties for Marvel Studios and finding out when the actor will have time to play the Black Knight.

The development of Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones show, led by Kit Harington, can be very telling. This may indicate that he knows he won’t be as busy with Marvel as he initially thought. The controversy over the Eternals may be related to this, but it would also be surprising if the MCU postponed the promising Black Knight story as a result. Phase 4 has a lot of moving parts, so the simple truth may be that the MCU has no immediate plans for Dane Whitman. In this case, it would be strange if Harington sat and waited for Marvel to use him more, when a return to Game of Thrones and the transfer of Jon Snow’s story over the wall is just around the corner.

Only time will tell if Kit Harington has enough time to play Jon Snow and the Black Knight at the same time. However, his “Game of Thrones” co-star Emilia Clarke waited until the series finale to join the MCU for a “Secret Invasion.” If HBO moves forward with a series about Jon Snow, the result may be that the Black Knight will not return for several more years or his appearance will be limited to supporting roles. If that’s the case with Kit Harington’s future, then hopes for a “Black Knight” show on Disney+ seem to be years away before they can materialize.