Jon Snow’s fan poster Imagines what a sequel to Game of Thrones might look like


The upcoming HBO series about Jon Snow, the sequel to Game of Thrones, has received a cool fan poster. Kit Harington created the heroic Snow in the first season of GoT. Soon Snow will become a favorite character of fans, who survived the bloodbath arranged by his relative and beloved Daenerys in season 8.

While Season 8 may cause controversy among Game of Thrones fans, HBO still wants more content set in the show’s rich and expansive fantasy world. Soon there will be the first additional series, the prequel “House of the Dragon”. Other titles reported to have been in development at various times include The Sea Snake, Ten Thousand Ships, The Tales of Dunk and Egg, The Golden Empire, and Flea Bottom (the status of all these spin-offs reported is currently unknown). And just a few days ago, this list became longer by one show, as it turned out that a spin-off dedicated to John Snow Harington is currently in development. The series will be a sequel, which takes place after the events of season 8.

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Harington fans are really excited to learn that the actor is returning to play his most famous character. Fan artist AGT Design was so excited that he even put together a poster depicting Snow’s return in the upcoming HBO series.

The poster is really not much different from Jon Snow, whom fans know and love, because he is depicted in the familiar form of the Night Watch and brandishing a sword. There’s also a glimpse of the ghost of direwolf Snow, who, of course, reunited with Snow in the final episode of Game of Thrones. A fair bet is that the Ghost will return when the Jon Snow spin-off show comes out, although it’s hard to say how much it will be presented, given the cost of computer graphics. The new poster also features a ghostly image of someone who could be Tormund the Giant, a beloved GoT character played by Christopher Hivew. Tormund, of course, was with Snow in the final episode of Game of Thrones, which gave hope for the return of the character.

It remains to be seen what new adventures await Jon Snow when he returns to HBO. But given what Snow has already been through, including literal death, it won’t be easy for the spin-off to make his new exploits more dramatic than what has already happened to him in Game of Thrones. Indeed, it can be argued that of all the characters who have survived GoT, Snow may be the least interesting for further study. But Snow was also the most uniquely heroic character in GoT, which arguably makes him the safest character to keep bringing back for new adventures.