Jon Cryer broke when they told him about Charlie Sheen


CBS broadcasted for twelve seasons one of the most successful sitcom series of recent times, Two and a Half Men.

As fans will recall, Two and a Half Men starred Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper until season 8, who then had an abrupt exit from the show for which he was murdered in the show’s history.

His co-star Jon Cryer stayed in the sitcom from the first season through the twelfth installment playing Alan Harper, Charlie’s brother.

Without a doubt, actor Charlie Sheen was there during the glorious years of Two and a Half Men. He is credited with the series’ greatest success. Upon his departure, he was replaced by actor Ashton Kutcher who joined the series from season 9 to the end.

After 5 years after Two and a Half Men went off the air with its final season, Alan Harper’s actor Jon Cryer had a controversial discussion on Twitter with an American politician named Matt Gaetz.

What began as a criticism by the actor, turned into a controversial discussion about who was running the CBS comedy series Two and a Half Men.

After Cryer made a claim to the politician, the latter responded by stating that Charlie Sheen was the only one who maintained the sitcom Two and a Half Men.

In this sense, the interpreter of Alan Harper considered it an insult feeling offended by such a statement and therefore defended his time in Two and a Half Men. Here’s how Cryer responded to the insult:

“Is that why, after [Sheen] left, it lasted 4 more years and I won an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy?”


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