Jon Bernthal on controversy with anti-hero symbol


Actor Jon Bernthal, who starred in Netflix’s The Punisher series, shared with his Twitter followers what he thinks about the controversy surrounding the Frank Castle symbol, used improperly during the Capitol protests in the United States.

Last week, the series made headlines in a number of media outlets after several people who invaded the site were spotted showing the punisher’s mark. As a result, Marvel is being pressured to take a stand against using his character’s image.

On Tuesday (12), Bernthal shared a fanart piece by user KZ the Writer celebrating the character. In the publication, he took the opportunity to speak. “I’m with you. Beautiful work. These people are wrong, lost and afraid. They have nothing to do with what Frank stands for or wants. Big Love. J ”, he wrote.

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Controversies surrounding the anti-hero symbol of Marvel’s The Punisher

This is not the first time that the main symbol of the series has been a source of controversy. Last year, police spotted the brand amid protests from the Black Lives Matter. At the time, Marvel said it was taking the matter seriously.

The character’s co-creator, Gerry Conway, also spoke at the time, starting a charity campaign in support of the movement. This time, many people criticized the use of the symbol precisely because they fear that others will recognize it as something that it is not.

In this sense, Bernthal’s opinion is very much taken into account in relation to the subject. However, it remains to be seen how Marvel itself feels about this recent event.

The Punisher has two seasons to date and both are available on Netflix.


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