Jolteon of Pokémon electrified as Origami Eeveelution


A creative Pokemon fan has created an origami version of the lightning-fast Pokemon Jolteon. Jolteon is an electric evolution of the fan-favorite Pokemon Eevee, one of eight Eeveelutions in total, although some believe that the new form of Eevee may debut in Scarlet and Purple.

Origami is a deceptively simple-looking craft. Elegant models of various animals and objects are created exclusively by carefully folding paper, and the creator often uses only one sheet. Accuracy is of key importance, as careless or incorrectly positioned folds can easily lead to an unsatisfactory final product. Over the years, many fans have used origami and other types of paper crafts to create incredible character models and items from their favorite game franchises. With a certain amount of patience and enough time, you can create some extremely impressive creations. For example, one Pokémon fan was able to build a complete model of the city of Kanalave Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

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Now Reddit user ino87origami has demonstrated his electrifying origami Jolteon, which has received great recognition on the Internet for its well-defined figure and intricate pattern of folds. The tutorial video, which was also shared by ino87origami, shows an incredible number of bends used to create the model, and also provides viewers with a diagram. It should be noted that this is far from the only Origami Pokemon created by ino87origami (recent models include Ho-oh and Gardevoir), and it is not the only evolution of Eeveelution. In fact, ino87origami has shared projects for all Eevee evolutions in the past, as well as one for Eevee itself. This easily demonstrates how Eevee and its Pokemon evolution are popular fan creation themes, thanks to their diverse and vibrant design.

The Jolteon design, and hence the origami model, mainly consists of two colors – yellow for the body and white for the pointed white frill around the neck. Although it may seem that this requires two sheets of paper, some ingenious technical solutions allowed ino87origami to use one double-sided sheet. This piece of paper, yellow on one side and white on the back, begins in their video as a square measuring 25 by 25 cm, and then is neatly folded and molded into the shape of a Jolteon. It is reported that inoaorigami took only “about an hour” of work to complete the model, which is a testament to their skill. The end result is an impressive example of Pokemon fan art.

The experience that ino87origami has in their craft is easy to see both by their speed and confidence in their work, not to mention the end result. This Jolteon is extremely impressive because it is clearly outlined, despite the obvious simplifications that origami requires. He has neither eyes nor mouth, and the insides of Jolteon’s ears are not brown as they should be, but in the general view it doesn’t really matter. The silhouette of Jolteon is well recognizable even in a simplified form, like most of the titular Pokemon creatures. This has helped ino87origami succeed in capturing the essence of Jolteon’s design in a beautiful traditional art form, thereby contributing to the wealth of amazing fan art dedicated to Eeveelutions Pokémon.