Joker: Unsurprisingly, Joaquin Phoenix is nominated for the Golden Globes!


Thanks to a great performance by Joaquin Phoenix among others, Joker will remain one of the movies of the year. His main actor is, unsurprisingly, nominated for the title of best actor.

The Joker Todd Phillips seems to have everyone agree. Still, it was not a pre-won bet. By bringing one of the most iconic villains in the world of superheroes to the screen in his own movie, DC was taking a big risk. A risk that has paid off. Notably thanks to a great performance of Joaquin Phoenix in the character of the same name.

Joker was so popular, thanks in part to Joaquin Phoenix’s acting. Mysterious, endearing, cruel and yet worthy of empathy, he plays wonderfully with the spectator’s feelings. A performance that earned him an appointment everyone expected. In the category of best male actor, he even seems to be a favorite. A deserved status according to you?

Joaquin Phoenix seems to be the favorite of a prestigious list. Because if he distinguished himself this year, he is not the only one. Several other actors deserve this coveted Golden Globes. Other nominees include Christian Bale in Le Mans 66. Jonathan Pryce, Antonio Banderas and Adam Driver complete this prestigious short-list.

Joaquin Phoenix will he distinguish himself from his competitors? Hard to say. But what seems certain is the convincing result obtained by Joker. In addition to seeing his main actor nominated, the film is also in the category of best dramatic film. He is therefore opposed to The Irishman, 1917, Marriage Story and The Two Popes.

So convinced by these lists of nominees? Should the actor be distinguished from his performance in Joker? Hard to say for the moment. But he seems more than ever in the race.


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