Joker: this scene deemed too “crazy” was cut in the editing!


Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in the Joker is no secret.

23 kg less, a nervous laugh and a green dye. So that’s all that Joaquin Phoenix has experienced to embody the Joker. Yet we already knew the talent of the actor. Great warrior in Gladiator, lover in Her. It is in psychopath that he returns to the charge with an adaptation more crazy than ever! The character of DC Comics may be painful in this latest film, its rise to evil remains enjoyable!

Todd Phillips, the director of the feature film, dropped the bomb at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. A scene in the bathtub does not appear in the movie. According to him, “We shot two or three other sequences, including one that was incredible and was taking place in a bathtub, but I do not think we can include it in a film rated R (the equivalent of a ban on under 17, ed) and it is not because it was pornographic. It was just too crazy, too big. ”

For the past 5 weeks, the Joker has continued to thrill the cinema. And if the scenes shot were “crazy”, the success is just as good. The film thus gathered more than 5 million spectators. It has generated more than $ 958.9 million in sales! Exceeding by far the first Avengers!

His success is such that the Joker will surely be present for the next Academy Awards. A reward that would be well deserved for Joaquin Phoenix!


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