Joker: Joaquin Phoenix accepted the role in a very surprising way!


Joker by Todd Phillips would not have been the same film without Joaquin Phoenix. We just learned that he could have missed this role.

The Joker by Todd Phillips is a unanimous success. And the main actor, Joaquin Phoenix, has a lot to do with the film’s success. But it could have been otherwise.

Todd Phillips needed an extraordinary actor for Arthur Fleck. The Joker remains one of the most iconic villains in pop culture. With this complex and difficult character, it is impossible to do things by halves. And the error is not forgiven. Quickly convinced that Joaquin Phoenix would do the trick, he offered the actor this role.

Interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, Todd Phillips revealed that his Joker could have been another actor. It was indeed difficult to convince Joaquin Phoenix. “Having Joaquin Phoenix in the role was a bit like a chase, because he wasn’t really a fan of” comic book movies. ”

Despite this reluctance, Todd Phillips redoubled his efforts. “Even when I explained to him that it was not what he thought, that we would do something else, there was a little resistance on his part. The director takes his time and then tries to convince the actor little by little. Then one day, without even accepting the role orally, he reveals himself in the Joker’s costume. He then takes everyone by surprise.

“We got to know each other more and more. We spent more and more time talking about what the film would look like, and one day it magically appeared in Joker. He never said yes. He just said yes out of a closet … It was an incredible relationship. ”

An anecdote which reinforces the myth of an already iconic character. And which proves that Joaquin Phoenix is ​​definitely an actor different from all the others. That’s probably why he makes such a good Arthur Fleck.


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