Joker: Donald Trump says what he thought of the movie!


Joker is the film sensation of this end of the year. Starring Batman’s legendary nemesis, Todd Phillips has taken a risky gamble. A challenge that seems to be raised if we believe the returns. Unanimously acclaimed by critics, he conquers both audiences and festivals, with the Venice Film Festival in the lead. So much so that some place it as a favorite to receive Oscars.

If Joker likes so much, it is above all thanks to the edifying game of Joaquin Phoenix. Cruel but dolent, killer but worthy of empathy, Joaquin Phoenix manages to lock up his character in a shell of complexity that becomes his prerogative. The anxious atmosphere, the serious violin and the scenario perfectly coats the main actor to offer moviegoers a delicious bitter candy.

Donald Trump is involved in various ways in the film industry. For example, he made a few cameos when he was not yet president. He also lent his Trump Tower which appears in … The Dark Kight Rises. As a good movie buff, he would have liked Todd Phillips’ new Joker.

CNN says it. With many of his relatives, Donald Trump watched Joker. He would have liked the universe portrayed by Todd Phillips in this film. A portrait not flattering US that seems more than ever in distress. But the president surely knew how to ignore his position and landed in front of the film as a simple amateur cinema.

Joker seems to be unanimous. We will see if the Oscars confirm this legitimacy.


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