Joker crossed the billion dollars at the global box office!


Joker crossed the billion dollars at the global box office! Joker wins in the cinema by bursting all records internationally. It has thus crossed the billion dollar world box office!

Who would have thought that the adaptation of the comic book “Joker” would be as profitable? Because it has become the 44th feature film to hit the $ 1 billion mark in the world. We explain to you!

Indeed, this news to give Todd Phillips the desire to make a sequel! Thus the film joins the band of billionaire, alongside The Dark Knight Rises and Aquaman at the global box office. It is therefore the seventh in the year 2019 and the fourth in the DC Comics production scale. So we speak of one of the “most profitable comic book adaptation of history”.

But we must also remember that the film had a small budget, which amounted to 62 million dollars. So we think there will be a sequel and they will not stop there! Moreover, it is also the first time that a Rated R movie (banned to the under-17s unaccompanied in the United States) reaches this feat! “I think that’s why the movie ended up being fun, because of what it underlies. There are many movies focused on the spark, but this one focuses on the powder. If it is possible to reappropriate this realistically, it might be interesting. Said Todd Phillips who would not be against giving a sequel to the Joker!

Thus the film has generated more than 316 million dollars on American soil. And more than 678 million internationally. Add to that that it did not come out in China, so imagine a little performance! Same in France, Joker was well received and had very good feedback from critics.

So since its release Joker has recorded more than 5 million entries in France. He thus joins the 4th place of the biggest French scores in 2019. Obviously behind The Lion King (9.7 million entries), Avengers: Endgame (6.9). But also What have we done to the Good God yet? (6,7). We can not wait to hear about a sequel!

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