The Joker: Continuation or not? Director Todd Phillips finally answers


One after the other, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline respectively announced in a contradictory way that a sequel to the Joker was officially under construction, and that was not the case at all! The two sites being rather reliable giants of information, we did not know which of the two to trust …

That’s why we waited impatiently for Todd Phillips, the director of the film, to make a comment on this subject! And just yesterday, the filmmaker told IndieWire the final word of the case: “I can honestly tell you that no appointment occurred on October 7 to which I surrendered. First, if you know me and my career, it’s not my style. ”

“I did a comedy that worked a lot for the Warner Bros., Very Bad Trip, and I did not become overnight a factory producing comedies, so ‘let’s get out of the movies'” continues Todd. Phillips. “Bradley [Cooper] and I have a Warner production company, I’ve been part of Warner for 15, 16. We have two projects in development at all times, not 40 like some people. the kind of guy who comes out saying, ‘I want those 40 tracks.’ I just do not have enough energy. “That’s the point: no, the filmmaker does not already have a sequel in development at in the studios, let alone the desire to make several movies of villains DC Comics! It will be a little more patient before (perhaps) discover a sequel of the Joker on the big screen … and it is not worse, because it could ruin the credibility of the film.