Joker 2: the officially announced sequel, what to expect?


And that’s the news of the day! It seems that Todd Phillips, director of the Joker, would be negotiating to shoot a sequel! The first movie was a huge success, so what can we expect? 

More than 4 million entries in France! $ 543 million in revenue in just a week! The success of Todd Philips Joker is no longer a secret. Indeed, the director has managed to exceed, by far, the last two Batman of the great Christopher Nolan! And for good reason … The talent of Joaquin Phoenix is ​​no stranger! The latter has all dazzled us with his performance! Moreover, he has all the qualities to win the next Oscar for best actor!

For Todd Philips, one thing is certain, it is necessary to beat the iron as long as it is hot … That is why, the director decided not to stop in so good way and to propose a continuation. A Joker 2! Yes Yes, you read correctly! But that’s not all ! According to the American magazine The Hollywood Reporter, the Real of Very Bad Trip is in negotiation with Warner Bros. Studios. His goal, make a sequel to the Joker, but also put on the screen several bad guys from the DC universe!

If a sequel is to take place, she would tell in detail about Arthur Fleck’s rise … And how did he become the crime prince of Gotham City! Joaquin Phoenix has never hidden his desire to get back into the skin of the Joker!

In an interview conducted by Peter Travers in the United States, he confessed: “I talked a lot to Todd about what else could be done, in general, to work together, but also specifically if there were anything else interesting you could do with Joker. The possibilities with this character seem endless.


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