Joker 2: Film Sequel Continues in Development at Warner


Joker 2: According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, new productions involving Batman, Gotham PD and Joker are still in development at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Although information about a new movie with Bruce Wayne and the Gotham police department series has already been announced, the Joker sequel is the one that has been drawing attention.

Since its theatrical release in 2019, many have speculated about a sequel to the film starring Joaquin Phoenix – who, it is worth remembering, won an Oscar for Best Actor for this project -, wrapped in this great villain from DC.

Apparently, it seems that the plans are still being discussed in the studio, mainly due to the degree of complexity that the production seems to be gaining. The Joker script explored the villain’s origins, following Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill man who works as a clown.

When he loses his job and interrupts his medication processes, he ends up going crazy and drawing the attention of several groups of people.

Joker 2: learn more about the development of the sequence

Still in 2019, Todd Phillips, director of the first film, commented on the rumors about a possible sequence in several interviews. At the time, he stressed that he was very open to the producers’ ideas and that he needed to talk to Joaquin Phoenix about the matter.

“We are open. I would love to work with him again on anything. So, who knows? ”He told The Hollywood Reporter in December of that year.

In the same interview, the filmmaker argued that he would like to explore new themes in a sequence, such as new traumas and a lack of empathy. He had also cited the success of the production when comparing the final budget and the revenue from the box office.

So far, there is no concrete data about the new project, other than the development talks reported by the international press. So, let’s wait for more news!


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