Jojo’s Incredible Adventures: Either Love or hate


With 131 current volumes of manga and 6 already animated parts, it’s safe to say that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a lot of fans. However, the ongoing series and its fandom also get a fair share of hate.

“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” exactly matches the title; weird. Eccentric characters and overly dramatic scenarios attract many viewers, but many also turn away from the series. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an acquired taste; you either love or hate.

What is known for “The Incredible Adventures of Jojo”?

Jojo’s is a unique show unlike any other anime. From the characteristic art style and stunning soundtrack to dozens of pop culture references and witty battles, there is something to enjoy while watching. Jojo’s is widely known for its unique artwork, wacky characters (and stands) and, of course, iconic poses.

The creator, Hirohiko Araki, likes to experiment with colors and perspectives of scenes, and his artistic style develops and changes with each new part. Araki also loves Western music and includes dozens of references to famous songs and bands of the franchise. The series, which began in 1987, has been entertaining viewers for 35 years, having accumulated a huge number of fans over the decades.

Why is the series so popular?

jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is so popular because it’s unique; no other anime does it like JJBA. Many devoted fans consider this show to be one of the best anime in history, if not the best. Fans like how much Jojo’s artistic style differs from the “normal” anime.

The characters are yellow and muscular, with sharp facial features and sharp shades, unlike the usual soft and slender characters in popular anime. The characters are designed and written to be very bright and eccentric, contrasting with their hyper-masculine appearance and adding JOJO’s one-of-a-kind humor. The show perfectly balances serious situations with wild and silly moments, which leads to a lot of Internet memes and internal jokes in the fandom.

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Fans also like how each part of the anime presents a new setting, theme and cast, but at the same time includes references and characters from previous parts. The series is constantly reinventing itself with new characters and conflicts, offering viewers a completely different storyline.

These new parts make the series fresh and interesting, rather than limiting it to the same characters on the same journey. The wit and humor of “JoJo” also entertains the audience. Many of the character interactions and battles in the JJBA franchise are based on intellectual intelligence rather than brute force. The main characters are crazy and fearless, they get involved in crazy machinations and pull themselves out using crazy and risky strategies. Fans turned the comedy series into a meme factory with thousands of jokes, screenshots and parodies flooding the Internet.

Why is the series being ridiculed?

The huge success of the show around the world indicates that the series has many fans; on the other hand, many anime viewers (and even those who do not watch anime!) expressed their disgust for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. So, what are the most common reasons why many people hate the JJBA franchise? “Strange” art style, holes in the plot and annoying fandom. Just as fans love “The Incredible Adventures of Jojo” for its unconventional art style, many people dislike the show for the same reason. The artistic style of JJBA is very different from mainstream anime, which may seem rather harsh and strange to beginners. For some, the harsh, harsh, buff art style is just not their cup of tea. Many viewers complain that the artistic style is too contradictory. The style and design of the characters change over time, and different color schemes are used for the same characters and scenes. Viewers say it’s confusing and makes it difficult to watch the show.

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It’s not just an artistic style that some find strange and difficult to keep up with; it’s also a plot. The fights in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are written like a crazy game of chess; opponents walk back and forth trying to guess each other’s moves and stay one step ahead of each other. If you don’t pay close attention, it’s easy to get lost and ask, “Wait, what just happened?” Some viewers say that the show is too dramatic and bright, which makes it seem trashy and banal. The storyline of the series and the connections of the characters are very complex and intertwined. With all the chaos and complexity that is in “The Incredible Adventures of Jojo”, viewers noticed a lot of inconsistencies and holes in the plot in the series. These unintended mistakes can cause confusion and distrust of the show’s script.

Probably the biggest reason people hate the series is because of the fandom itself.