Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will have a Part 9!


Since 1987, we’ve seen the pages of Shonen Jump and Ultra Shonen Jump consistently bring us a new chapter of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. After 10 years in publication, Jojolion, part 8, will come to an end this week. Fortunately, it looks like this won’t be the last we see of Hirohiko Araki’s work.

Although there is still no official information about it, a new report points out in the next edition of Ultra Shonen Jump magazine, where the last chapter of Jojolion will be published, it is mentioned that the ninth part of this manga is already in development under the tentative name of Jojo Lands. However, this new adventure would come to light in a couple of months, as Araki will take a break.

Along with this information, it is noted that Kouhei Kadono, recognized for his work in Purple Haze Feedback, would be working with Tasuku Karasuma to create a new spin-off of Jojo’s. This work would be carried out by Josuke, although it is not specified if the personage of Part 4 or Part 8, and Hol Horse.

Considering that we are only a few days away from the publication of the new edition of Ultra Shonen Jump, it is a matter of time before more official information regarding these two projects comes to light.


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