Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Most Powerful Stand in Stone Ocean May Not Be What You Think


Below are spoilers for the movie “The Incredible Adventures of Jojo: The Stone Ocean, Part 2”, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Jolene Cujo is the main character of the Stone Ocean segment in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, but this lucky girl would probably have died long ago if she hadn’t become an invaluable ally in prison on Green Dolphin Street. Along with Hermes Costello, Foo Fighters joins an unlikely trio as they attempt to revive Jotaro Cujo and end the tyranny of Pale Snake (also known as Whitesnake).

They may just be minor characters, but of all the various stands within the walls of the prison, F.F. is perhaps the most powerful, as their abilities are undoubtedly the most profitable, turning them into unsurpassed guards.

“The best of you”

F.F. is far from human, but rather represents a conglomerate of plankton, which was endowed with supernatural abilities after Pucci’s father randomly threw the DISK in the most convenient place. As a combination of a stand and a stand user, F.F. can challenge logic more seriously than other characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with an extensive list of abilities that would put even Deadpool or Wolverine to shame. Not only do FF heal their own body from almost any damage, but their rapid rejuvenating effect can also be used on allies. F.F.’s water-loving nature allows them to repair gaping wounds, attach severed limbs, and even repair a dislodged eyeball, as they constantly assemble Jolene and her team (literally) countless times.

Like Pale Snake, F.F. can change their appearance at will, but usually prefer to take the form of a previously deceased prisoner Atroe. However, this stand does not have to correspond to a humanoid existence and can bend their body to unimaginable sizes, easily slipping through impenetrable gaps without breaking a sweat (insert laughter here.) If F.F. feels unimaginative, mischievous or frankly destructive, they can simply inhabit the body of another person and do not disdain to hide in corpses in order to to remain unnoticed. F.F. they can also turn pieces of their flesh into deadly projectiles in the form of bullets, which are convenient to shoot directly from the tip of their finger (with a seemingly endless supply of ammunition to boot).

However, to their detriment, F.F. need constant access to a water source, since they simply cannot function normally when dehydrated. F.F. therefore, it is usually possible to see walking with a 32-ounce. cup in hand and always acutely aware of the location of the nearest liquid aid, especially during combat. Unfortunately, sometimes biology gets the better of them, and F.F. is forced to throw out all strategies in a desperate attempt to get to the water source. Their body is subject to suffering in harsh conditions to the same extent as natural plankton, and therefore also cannot survive in extreme weather conditions.

“I’ll be there”

F.F. were on the verge of death almost as often as Jolene, however, they always managed to recover; which makes their final departure even more heartbreaking. The closest moments to dying included a direct attack on their plankton-based structure, established through a deep understanding of the unique biology of F.F.

Jolene and Hermes are the first to connect the dots, forcing F.F. into a dehydrated state and pushing them to the brink of death, but fortunately shows mercy in the end. Since then, it is safe to say that neither Hermes nor Joyln would be alive today if F.F. had not become their invaluable ally.

“The Long road to death”

Their battle with the infamous Kenzo forced fans to sit on the edge of their seats, staring incredulously at their screens when F.F. repeatedly failed to escape from the clutches of the electric chair. And all this after F.F. had already cut off the top of their head, and they had alarming signs of dryness. Apparently influenced by the inevitable misfortune caused by Drake’s Dream, the light disappears from F.F.’s eyes when Jolene is overcome with grief.

However, thanks to the skillful play of light and clever work with the mirror, a small part of the mystical plankton avoids the effects of 2800-volt electricity and rejuvenates its body (with a little support from Jolene). The intervention eventually led to the downfall of the Founder, who otherwise might well have drowned both Jolene and Anastasia.

“The Impostor”

Yo-Yo Ma personified the term “creep” (radiating strong Jerry Mythologist vibes, as in “Rick and Morty”), but his usefulness apparently makes his unwarranted presence worthwhile. This sneaky little stand has a powerful sour saliva circulating from its mouth, and the blow that Yo-Yo Ma inflicted on F.F. was strong enough to incapacitate anyone else. Fortunately, nothing interferes with their healing abilities, and F.F. leaves relatively unscathed.


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