Jojo Siva Reveals She’s No Longer Single After Breaking Up with Kylie Prey: “I don’t want to communicate”


From the market! Almost four months after Jojo Siva and Kylie Prue announced the breakup of their whirlwind romance, the Dance Moms graduate has left.

“I was going to erase my entire biography, but I just put a lock [emoji],” said 18—year-old Siva on Wednesday, March 30, in an interview with the podcast “Rachel Uncensored”, revealing her new romantic status. “We are not alone. I say “we” because it’s me and my multiple personalities inside me. …I’m not alone and I don’t want to communicate. No, I’m a loyal lady.

The Nebraska native continued, “Look, I’ve been all over the block, tried a lot, learned a lot, and I’m very, very, very happy where I am now.”

Although Siva has not revealed the identity of her new love, she told host Rachel Ballinger that she is “happy” and that’s “all that matters.”

The finalist of the 30th season of “Dancing with the Stars” previously dated the 18-year-old for almost a year, until they broke up in November 2021.

“We officially broke up the morning I performed Prince Charming [with partner Jenna Johnson] on Dancing with the Stars,” she told us the following month. “It’s been a few weeks and it’s been tough, but we’re coping with it. …I would have handled it very differently [if I wasn’t on the show]. I just want [ed] time to be sad.”

The Siwas Dance Pop Revolution star added at the time, “And then I had this [time to grieve] and I thought, ‘I’m very lucky I don’t have so much of it right now.’ And I realized that I was upset that I felt that I could no longer be friends with Kai. And then I thought: “This is stupid.” We started to be friends, texting daily on Snapchat. We’ll be friends again.”

Siva, who publicly announced this in January 2021, continues to maintain a friendship with the Florida native, trying to figure out how to move on.

“I already said it once, I really want to have a cuddle buddy, because I really miss hugs,” the former dancer confessed to us at the People’s Choice Award ceremony in December 2021. “I’m not against this idea. [dating]. Obviously, I believe that life is life, and tonight I can meet someone I will fall in love with. And the next time I fall in love, you know, I don’t know, but until then I avoid dating for fun. I would only date if I was really serious.”

Siva also noted at the time that she was looking for “someone who genuinely loves me for who I am,” and was a supportive partner who “doesn’t want to change.”