Jojo Siva and Candice Cameron Bure performed in a joint talk show in December 2019 before the “crudest” celebrity remark: watch


An unlikely celebrity feud? Jojo Siwa raised eyebrows when she called Candice Cameron Bure the “rudest” celebrity she had ever met while participating in a viral trend on social media.

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“Day by the pool = exposure, hahaha,” 19—year-old Siva signed the TikTok video on Sunday, July 24, showing the camera a photo of 46-year-old Bure, which she chose for the “rudest” famous acquaintance. The shadow made some fans wonder how the dance moms star and the Full House alum know each other. “We need time for a story about Candice Cameron,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments.

In December 2019, the two performers chatted when both were guests on the Kelly Clarkson show. During the performance, host Kelly Clarkson asked the Queen of Christmas on the Hallmark Channel if her home decoration was “crazy” during the holiday season. Bure replied that at Christmas she prefers to have a “simple and elegant” aesthetic in her house.

The Fuller House star then turned to Siva, saying, “Maybe a little different from your place.” The “Kid in a Candy Store” singer responded by explaining her approach to Christmas decor, which included a “Grinch tree,” a “flamingo tree,” and a “rainbow room.”

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Despite the different decorating philosophy, Bure joked, “I need to shoot my next Christmas movie at your house.” The singer “Boomerang” replied: “That’s it,” and gave the graduate “Do it or break it” her own bow. “It looks beautiful,” she said as the Hallmark Channel star tried it on, applauding with the audience in the studio.

The day after Siva shared TikTok calling her rude, a former View panelist shared a cryptic quote from the Bible in her Instagram story. “Trust in the Lord forever and ever, for the Lord God is an eternal rock,” she wrote, quoting a quote from Isaiah 26:4. In the past, the author of Kind Is the New Classy responded more directly to her critics.

After posing in a T-shirt with the inscription “Not today, Satan” in March 2017 (a phrase popularized by RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio), Bure received a negative reaction. “IF ONLY THIS HOMOPHOBIC REPUBLICAN KNEW,” Del Rio, 47, signed a repost of Bure’s photo on Instagram.

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Christmas actress The Shoe Addict commented on the repost, writing: “Why should you be unpleasant to me? You don’t know me and my heart. I’m not homophobic, and I’m always sad when people think otherwise. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I hate gay people or anyone else. You have sent a bunch of haters to my page who write terrible things. I hope that next time you will spread love and kindness, even if you disagree with people.”


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