JOJO LANDS Could Be The Name Of Part 9 Of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


A month ago we learned that on Thursday, August 19, part 8 of the ‘manga’ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure called Jojolion will end in the pages of the Ultra jump magazine of the Shueisha publishing house. Now, thanks to Ryokutya2089, we have learned that part 9 of the ‘manga’ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure could be called “JOJO LANDS”.

When will the ninth part (9) of the ‘manga’ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure begin?

As reported by Ryokutya2089, and replicated by the Manga Mogura RE account on Twitter, part 9 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which will possibly be called JOJO LANDS, will begin once a brief pause that the ‘mangaka’ Hirohiko Araki has taken ends. More information about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: JOJO LANDS, could be shared by Araki in the latest chapter of Jojolion.

When will the ending (chapter 110 ) of JoJolion (part 8) be?

The final chapter number 110 of part 8 of the ‘manga’ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion will arrive with the September issue of Ultra Jump magazine that will be distributed on August 19 in Japan.

What franchise projects Will JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure arrive before the end of 2021?

H ive months we met the Part 6 ( Stone Ocean ) franchise JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will adapt to the ‘anime’. In addition, a few days ago we learned that this new ‘anime’ of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will arrive in December 2021 on Netflix. Now, along with the arrival of the end of jojolion in chapter 110, it has been revealed that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise will have a new ‘spin-off’ manga. This new ‘manga’ by Kouhei Kadono ( Boogiepop Phantom ).

This writer, who was in charge of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure light novel called Hajishirazu no Purple Haze from part 4 ( Diamond is Unbreakable) will return for this new ‘spin-off’, which will feature the presence of Hol Horse from part 3 ( Stardust Cruzaders ) and Josuke. Ryokutya does not specify if the Josuke who will accompany Hol Horse in this new ‘manga’ ‘spin-off’ is that of part 4 or that of part 8 ( Jojolion ).


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