Joint Step Against Coronavirus from Giant Gaming Companies, Including Masomo and Miniclip

The coronavirus epidemic continues to show its effect all over the world, regardless of the country, identity or genetics. Many mobile game giants, including Masomo and its parent company, Miniclip, which are one of the leading mobile game companies in the world and come under the roof of İZMO, have taken a joint step towards the measures against coronavirus. International organizations that fight the virus will be advertised in the global advertising areas of the games.

Many companies addressing users around the world are doing their part against the coronavirus epidemic that affects the whole world in a short time. Our sister company Masomo, which joined forces with the mobile game giant Miniclip last year, took a joint step together with other industry giants MAG Interactive, Kwalee, Ilyon Dynamics, Popcore and DoDreams.

Giant mobile gaming companies will advertise global associations and foundations that are now struggling with coronavirus in in-game advertising spaces in many parts of the world. All of these institutions are internationally. Turkey also showing the Make-A-Wish Foundation activities (A-Wish Foundation), UK-based charity SpecialEffect, South Africa-based buildaid between these institutions.

International charities will be on the screen of hundreds of millions of people playing mobile games:
Minclip Chief Advertising Officer Pieter Kooyman said, “When people around the world closed home, the game companies reached record rates. We are pleased to offer our advertising spaces for free for a group of aid organizations that are expected to face critical problems in the next few months ”.

to establish quarantine at home here announced by the Ministry of Health against the coronavirus, the measures to be taken against all known and epidemic here, as the recent outbreak in Turkey about the current status data can be found here.



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