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Having started the new year with their 12th mini-album REASON, MONSTA X contacted Julia from Audacy to talk about the six-track album and much more.

Answering fans’ questions such as “what word can describe the REASON” and “when you first thought, “Yes, I did it,” the K-pop group also took the moment to serenade us with their favorite lyrics from their favorite song.” from their latest release. “It’s from the Ban,” they said, “it’s beautiful.”

REASON is released 10 months after MONSTA X’s previous album, SHAPE of LOVE, and includes the track “Beautiful Liar”, which, according to the song’s press release, was written by Hyungwon, Joohong and I.M.

Because of the title of their title track, Julia asked if there had ever been a “situation where you said: “I’m glad I lied.” Although all the participants were intrigued by this question, Minhek admitted, “When I’m sick.” “I always say, ‘I’m fine,’ I’m always fine, I’m fine… but I’m not fine,” Zhuhong assured: “I’m always honest.”

After each participant shared their favorite artists, which range from Basquiat to Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and I.M, who chose his mom, some also revealed their favorite concept from their 4 concepts that they have released so far.

And the answers didn’t end there. MONSTA X also shared their thoughts on “what a killer role in Beautiful Liar?”, and also told if they could change styles with any of the participants, who it would be and why. the interview is here.


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